Wholesale / Manufacturing Insurance

Wholesale / Manufacturing Insurance Information

Any wholesaler or manufacturer faces numerous operating, production, personnel or overhead costs. The more you have, the more you might lose following accidents. Targeted commercial insurance will help you safeguard multiple assets and individuals involved in the business.

Whenever you need coverage, contact Insure All, LLC. We offer top-rated policy options that will safeguard your operation from multiple hazards.

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Benefits of Coverage

Manufacturers, wholesalers or commercial distributors have a lot of assets in their care, such as:

  • Production materials and machinery
  • Completed items awaiting shipment
  • Items for direct sale
  • Computer networks and private company data
  • Delivery vans, trucks and other vehicles
  • Commercial property and furnishings

Without insurance for these items, you might put your business in harm’s way. With coverage, however, you’ll be able to afford the recovery costs if harmful accidents damage the business, harm others or cause other losses. In a few easy steps, you can stabilize operations and go on with your work.

Whom Coverage Can Help

Manufacturers of all sizes can benefit from our insurance options, including:

  • Clothing, furniture, electronics and other craftsmen
  • Distribution centers
  • Wholesalers or warehouse storefronts

Regardless of the services you provide, we can ensure you receive targeted coverage.

Our Coverage Options

For wholesalers and manufacturers, Insure All, LLC offers a diversity of coverage:

Commercial Property Insurance

Use this coverage to repair the damage to your business property, structure and possessions.

Business Expenses Insurance

Accidents might cause you to temporarily stop operations. Expenses insurance can help you pay ongoing costs during the closure. It might also help you temporarily relocate the business.

General Liability Insurance

At times, clients or other parties could experience losses that resulted from your mistakes. Liability insurance can help you pay for their recovery costs. So, if someone slips and falls in your business, coverage can help you reach a settlement with this person.

Products-completed Liability Coverage

Items you produce could harm others. Coverage will help you cover the client’s losses that might result.

Tools & Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Your possessions and machinery, along with employee tools, can receive coverage for multiple damage or theft scenarios. If critical machinery breaks down, the addition of equipment breakdown coverage can help you pay for repairs, and potentially cover lost income.

Workers’ Compensation

If employees get hurt on the job, you might have to offer them supplementary income through workers’ compensation. West Virginia requires most business owners to buy this coverage.

Inland Marine Insurance

Materials that you transport overland frequently can benefit from this coverage. Should the items sustain damage while off the business premises, this coverage can often pay for them.

Surety Bonds

With surety bonds, you guarantee clients that you can cover the costs of hazards like project delays or breaches of contract. Bonds will ensure you can personally compensate these parties for such losses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Standard auto insurance will not cover vehicles used for business. Commercial auto policies can offer drivers liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments and cargo coverage. The business therefore can afford to recover from these losses.

Other Liability Coverage Options

You can likely benefit from a variety of other liability insurance options, including:

  • Errors & omissions insurance
  • Directors & officers coverage
  • Cyber liability insurance

We’ll Make Your Coverage Specific

Insuring your specific operation will take a lot of attention to detail. If you don’t get the right coverage, you might not have enough protection, and you could even wind up paying for the wrong benefits.

We don’t want to see that happen to you. Insure All, LLC’s dedicated agents can help you tailor your benefits into the top-notch policy portfolio that your operation needs.

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